Get what you want from the start-No point pretending!

If your love life is lack lustre, could it be that your not being honest with yourself and not going all out to get exactly what you want from the start? Do you crave for example an Asian Guyor gal to make you go weak at the knees and perhaps lead on to become your soul mate but, don't know any single Asian or settle for dating just anyone? Are you just looking for a flingto put the spring in your step? I will not moralise here, if everyone knows the score and you are both up for it, this is surely beter than pretending to a single person that you want more. Are you gay and not in an area or position that lends yourself to meeting other gay guys? Are you hetro and surrounded by the hell of coupledom and don't know any single people?

<span"font-size:78%;">Technorati Tags:<span"font-size:78%;">looking for love<span"font-size:78%;"> When looking for love, in all it's guises, the first thing you need to do is, be honest with yourself, recognise your needs and desires and go for what you want. Don't date who you think you ought to, choose with your heart. Above all, get out there, try new things and be active in searching for your hearts desire.

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It's nearly spring, sap is rising, are you ready for love?

It's nearly spring, the sap is rising, are you ready for love? How about spring cleaning your life in antisipation of a new romance? Ask yourself, are yu physically fit enough to cope with a new partner after the long winter months curled up by the fire? No, well get out and about, walk, join a gym, swim or go dancing. Get your fitness levels up, and ride on the waves of the feel good hormones, endorphins. Have you heared about endorphins? They are a natural mood elevator that your body will release after exsertion. They will make you feel good, and look relaxed and happy. This healthy glow and feel good factor may be just the thing that helps you attract a mate so get out there and get moving. You may even meet someone rather nice down the gym:)

<span"font-size:78%;">Technorati Tags:<span"font-size:78%;">spring time romance<span"font-size:78%;">

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Joke: a letter to dump someone! lol

Letter For Dumping A Man:

Dear _______________, I regret to inform you that you have been eliminated from further contention as Mr. Right.

I will, however, keep your name on file should an opening come available. So that you may find better success in your future romantic endeavors, please allow me to offer the following reason(s) you were disqualified from the competition:

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Flirting tips

#+#GETTING TO YES -- THE FIRST STAGE OF SEDUCTION The first stage is making contact and determining if the woman is interested in your attention. At this initial stage most woman are still in the no thank you mode. This is not the best time to start sending her direct, sexual private messages, because she is still in the no stage. Establish a friendly connection first. Make sure she really wants to play before you escalate the game. Assuming you have determined that she is responding to you, the next step is establishing a connection that is personal to the two of you. The art of the first stage is knowing how to make it personal without making it too personal. It requires sensitivity to know where her boundaries are at each stage.

~=~ LET THE GAMES BEGIN! THE SECOND STAGE OF SEDUCTIONThe best flirtation is like a good game of tennis. Both players return volleys. If she is not responding at your pace, SLOW DOWN. There is no point in trying to ace' her at this stage in the game. Be interested in her, who she is, not what she is! Ask questions, but don't make her feel like she's the subject of a60 Minutes' interview. Never ask questions about her body parts, or her dimensions unless she's willing to volunteer that level of information. Ask open-ended questions like how do you feel about....? what do you like best about...? -- rather than closed questions like Do you like Classical music? Those kind of questions tend to lead to yes or no answers, perhaps bringing the conversation to a halt. Keep the game going. Always respond to her, never let a comment or question go by unanswered. If you don't have an answer, speak up (softly). Don't just be silent. Remember, she can't read your mind. It's easier to keep the connection going than it is to re-start it.

#+# LAY YOUR CARDS ON THE TABLE Be honest! If you don't look like Mel Gibson, why say you do? You might as well take the risk to find out if she is interested in who you really are. She will be very angry at you if she finds out later you have mislead her ABOUT ANYTHING. Be truthful about your intentions with her at this stage. If you are not looking for a romance, don't pretend to be. If you have other important relationships on the net or in life, TELL HER NOW before the situation escalates, otherwise there are bound to be hurt feelings. Ask her the same questions about her love life and intentions. Reveal something about yourself FIRST. THEN ask her to do the same. In the second stage, Be first to tell her how you feel. In the long run she'll respect and trust you more for being open and honest.

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Your online dating profile made sexier

1. Try to be funny in your profile. Having a sense of humor in your profile can attract positive people. It is not witty when you just write, “I am funny.” It is a sad display of poor imagination. Try to be creative and write something like: “My flat mate wants me out of the flat so he and his rabbit can 'be alone', please take me home with you.”

2. Being negative will turn people off. Would you want to hang out with a person who dampens your day? month? life? Don’t write “Just been horrifcally dumped by an asshole again so I’m looking again. But dont mess with me cos Ive had enough!” Be happy and write something like: 'Im looking for a nice gal/guy to suit my shy/sexy mood'

3. Don't get hung up on your material achievments. You can also describe what you are doing in life briefly; unless you have a lousy job like a police officer, joking, I meant to say clown.

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Improve your online dating profile! Cupid dating tells you how

If you join any online dating website, the first thing they’ll ask you after registering as a member is to create a profile for yourself. It’s Time To Come Out Of Your Shell : If you’re the type of person who usually takes years of getting to know a person before you fully loosen up then online dating definitely what you need. During dates, I bet you found it very hard to let the person get to know the real you because you felt very self-conscious and shy.

Any way you profile will need to include: contact details, your hobbies, your favorite books and so on.

In short, everything would be about you! These profiles are open to public viewing and if a person likes what he/she is reading then they’ll be inclined to send you a message.

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How to browse 'personals' from Cupid Dating

Your journey reading the personal classified section will require the need to look within yourself discovering what you type of relationship you are truly in search of.

Are you searching for a friend, a lover, someone for casual sex, an affair, or are you searching for a true lifetime commitment?

Whatever category you place yourself in, choose the replies and profiles which meet your standards in your search for a relationship helping you narrow your search, which will make the personals much easier to sort through. And trust me, they do take some sorting- there are alot of nutters out there!

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Your own personal ad: where to start

So what about your profile? Do you now where to start?

Just write something, look at the other ads and jot some ideas down.

Read over the words again. Does the profile really express your thoughts about a relationship, what type of relationship you are seeking and whom you are expecting to meet using the personal classifieds?

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Helpful acronyms Explained for you!

Ever wondered what some of these things meant when you have seen them in chat rooms or in personal add? Take a look. 411 – Information AFK - Away from keyboard AISI - As I see it AMBW – All my best wishes ATST – At the same time B4 – Before B4N – Bye for now BBIAF – Be back in a few BBL – Be back later BBN – Bye-bye now BS – Big Smile BTW – By the way CID – Consider it done CSL – Can’t stop laughing CWYL - Chat with you later DGT – Don’t go there DHYB – Don’t hold your breath DKDC – Don’t know, don’t care EG – Evil Grin EOM – End of message FOAF - Friend of a friend FTTB – For the time being FWIW – For what it’s worth FYI – For your information GAL – Get a life GL – Good Luck GR8 – Great GTG - Got to go GTSY – Glad to see ya HAGO – Have a good one HAK – Hugs and Kisses HB – Hurry Back HHOK – Ha, ha only kidding HTH – Hope this helps IAE – In any event IDKY – I don’t know you ILY – I love you IMO – In my opinion IRL – In real life IYSS – If you say so

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