Dating Game-Waiting Game

Waiting for that perfect Christian dating match is not always fun, but often feels like some sort of cosmic waiting game. Problem is in our busy lives we don’t have very much patience to wait on things. Funny though, how we will always wait for things that are important to us. We will wait by the phone for our new love interest to call or a report from the doctor’s office.

We wait in line to get into the newest Saturday night hangout. We will even spend hours waiting in line to get on the best thrill rides. We are willing to wait with excitement filled days before our birthdays or Christmas. The amount of time we are willing to wait often speaks volumes as to how valuable we view


Dating Game-Waiting Game Blues

Why are we less patient in waiting to hear God in certain areas like dating? Maybe we do not want to really hear what he has to say? We have already made up our minds on what we want to do.

We don’t have that kind of time. I am lonely and I don’t want to be alone. It is the beginning of the month and I can’t stretch out my bank account any longer. We need an answer and we need it now.

If we value hearing from God and are assured that we will hear His voice we can muster the determination to wait patiently for His voice. Waiting to hear from God is never easy. Especially when we are hurting in the area of Christian dating relationships. We wonder why can’t God just make this better NOW?

Part of the process of waiting is often as important as the message itself. As we wait our faith is strengthened. We prepare ourselves to receive what God is telling us and respond with obedience. As we immerse ourselves in prayer and devotion God is drawing us closer. We experience an intimacy with Him that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Most important we need to know that God does have a specific plan and future for us. (Jeremiah 29:11) He does want to be part of every step for our life. (Psalm 37:23) That is why before we rely on our own understanding; we need to ask God what He would have for us.

It isn’t easy but we must remain faithful in prayer and in the secure knowledge that God will speak to us. His timing is perfect, even when our patience is not. (Acts 1:7) Often much can happen while we are waiting on the Lord. Sometimes he changes pride into humility; doubt into faith and peace; sometimes lust into purity. The Lord can and will do it.

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