What do you look for in a girl?

A perfect girl should:

Be pretty, and care about how she looks. It’s the reason Playboy stays in business: men like to look at women. Even if you don’t look perfect, it should be clear that you’re trying hard.

Be simultaneously unavailable and hold the promise of a future physical relationship. That means sex on the first date is a bad idea, but if you rule it out completely, you’re probably not going to get another date from the average guy. Men are pigs, and that’s all there is to it. We want to have sex. Your dad wasn’t lying when he said that’s what we’re after. But that’s not the only thing.

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What do you look for in a guy?

Everyone has different standards and a variety of things they look for in their prospective significant others. What I’ve found in most girls is that they look for guys who:

  • Have a great sense of humor. You want to have fun on your date. But guys who try to fake humor are going to lose out. Dumb humor, off-color humor, and scatological (that’s poop and fart jokes, dudes) humor aren’t going to cut it.
  • Have good grooming. You don’t have to be a metrosexual, but you do need to be clean and smell nice. A good sense of how to dress is also nice. This does not mean you have to look like a model, nor does it mean you must wear expensive clothes. Instead, you should have your own sense of style, and wear what makes you feel good. If you smell bad, though, or wear rumpled clothes on a first [date](http://www.datingdirect.com), you’re not going to get far.
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    How do you get a guy to notice you?

    Some guys are just completely clueless. You can parade in front of him in the sexiest clothes, flirt with him endlessly, even buy him drinks - but if he’s put you in the “friend” slot in his head, that’s where you stay! So what can you do?

    You could do what I did - just walk up to him and tell him, bluntly, how you feel. That worked out okay for me. But it doesn’t work with every guy, and you may be afraid of putting yourself out there like that. So here are some more subtle things you can try.

  • Ask him what kind of perfume he likes, and then make a habit of wearing it. Make a habit of standing close enough to him that he can smell it.
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    What’s The Most Romantic Place In The World?

    This is a matter of much debate. Many people go directly to Europe for this one: Paris, no doubt, is romantic, as is Venice. Other places often listed include tropical islands, Sydney, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Shanghai there is romance all over the world.

    But I believe the most romantic place in the world depends on who you are. For instance, a lot of people find New York City romantic. I find it dirty, crowded, and intimidating. I get lost every time I go there, and, well, it doesn’t do a thing for me.

    Boston, on the other hand, is charming. Downtown, even today, it’s a maze of old streets and little pubs and green spaces. Out near the universities, you find outdoor music constantly, often on the bridges crossing the Charles River, and in the spring and summer the river is filled with small sailboats, swan boats, and dinghies. It’s all a matter of taste.

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    The Oldest History: Sex

    For some reason, every new generation thinks that sex was reinvented just for them. Understandable, I guess the first time you have sex does feel like the first time the world ever lit up, at least if it’s good. But we’re downright boring today when you look at sex in the past.

    When Egyptologists first sketched drawings from the tombs, there were a LOT of images they would not bring back to Europe. Why? Because the lusty Egyptians loved sex as much as they loved life (contrary to popular belief, they were not particularly fond of death). On the walls of tombs, men were serviced by slave girls, women had very acrobatic sex with well-endowed men, and the very mythology of the country was steeped in sexual innuendo and bawdy stories.

    The Minoans, the Babylonians, the Romans, the Greeks, on up to the medieval times of Europe sex has always been of critical importance to any society.

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    Animals + Me = Love?

    I have seven cats.

    I didn’t mean to have seven cats. It started with just one, Jesse, who had a taste for adventure, and my procrastination.

    Well, the predictable happened. She apparently got laid a lot more than I ever did, because she gave birth to six kittens.

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    Quick Body Language tips-Is he or isn't he?

    If a girl walks up to you, looks into your eyes for more than 10 seconds, then asks,"Could you tell me the time?" Or some such trivia, do you think she really wants to ask you such trivia or does she have something else on her mind? If you're a straight single guy - and you give her an answear to the trivia, and skuttle off... you REALLY need to learn more about WOMEN AND BODY LANGUAGE.

    If a woman behaves this way, she likes what she sees and is intrested in getting to know you, don't miss her attempt at giving you the perfect excuse to open a dialogue!

    If a guy approaches you slowly, head tilted, looks up and smiles, before asking you the time...he is giving you a BIG FAT CLUE.He's smiling openly and approaching slowly with his head tilted. Jackpot! Offer him the answear, smile and strike up a conversation, go on girl, give him some encouragement if your intrested. They do say that most communication is non verbal...look for clues.

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