Sex Lessons for Christian Singles

Not what you expected? The following “sex lessons” for singles was submitted by John, a Sunday School teacher of 20-somenting singles:

Hi! I am a Sunday school teacher and I teach the age group 19-25 currently I am teaching sex lessons on how to resist the lure of sexual sin.You know God is totally awesome! He created everyone of us with a sex drive with sexual feelingsand he knows the struggles and sexual temptationswe face everyday whether single, married,divorced or widowed.

Sex Lessons in Temptation

God is love and whether we believe or not he loves us more than any person in the world. Yes, he loves us even when we have messed up sex lives due to sin. God also loves when we come to him (as we go to a friend or even to this site) and talk to him about what’s going on the inside of our soul,mind & body. Listen. I’ve never know God not to help when someone reaches out to him, but we have to genuinely come to him.

My friends stop for moment and look at all the times you have been tempted to masturbate(or any other sexual sin for that matter). What do u do when it comes? I Know it’s not easy to resist but God did not give us anything he can’t help us control. Don’t let the Devil make you feel like a scum bag. The truth is you feel bad when you commit a sexual impurity because you love God deep down, and want to do the right thing.

Top 3 Sex Lessons for Single Christians

Connect in Accountability

I beg all who struggle really hard to find a friend who knows Christ, and who you feel safe sharing the dirt face to face. If you do not have one, pray and ask God for one and He will provide.

Consume God’s Word

How can a man (or woman) keep their way pure? Fill your heart with the Word of life. The enemy will want to tell you that it’s useless to do so, but do not believe him. The word of God is powerful!

Confess Your Victory

If you are child of God, sin shall not reign in your mortal bodies (Romans 6). You have victory in Jesus. Therefore, it’s important to confess your victory for “as a man thinks so he is.” So just continue to trust God you will break free of what ever you think has mastered you.

Commune with Him

Finally, no sin can remain a habit if you are in constant dialogue with the Saviour.

Overall, I know the sex lesson “tip” are not a cure-all for falling into sexual sin, but if you practivce these C’s, you will much better off than before.

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