Compatible Partners?

Within a few hours of meeting someone you have to evalutate whether or not you would like to see them again. Most people, to whom you are indifferent, would not irrate you if you saw them again so for the most part one may decide that most people would be worth a second meeting. Howver within our society the act of arranging a further meeting attaches with it all kinds of stigmas. For example a second date is associated with being the penultimate meeting before the biggest of all social interactions occur: 'the act of sexual intercorse'. this is typicall of the 'third date rule' which some, unexperienced daters may use as a guide as to what they should allow to happen and when.

Therefore, we give ourselves very little time to evaluate and anyalise the moral value of a person before we have to decide whether or not to pursue them. That is often why, if rushed, one person can end up feeling used if the other party changes their mind...

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